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Conscious Creators.

Meet the Team.

Ruth Modoh


Intuitive Piscean, and Psychology graduate. 

Aussie living in Canada.

I champion for meaningful conversations and human connections. 
Future aspirations to one day become a psychologist.
The current mission, assist and add to the change that is currently moving throughout the mental health communities. 
I want to help amplify, empower and support their voices.

I created the Introspection Deck as a way to bridge my passion with my education. It was throughout the many wondrous thoughts, I finally found a medium to express our emotions, provide self-disclosure, and connect.


Speak your story, we're all made of intricate emotions, feelings, and experiences.


We all hold an Emotional Collidescope within us.

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Artist  Conscious

Canadian self-taught artist from a young age from a naturally gifted lineage, heightened gift/curse of empathic and energy sensing, and long-time personal interest for the multi-dimensional aspects of existence. 
My Mediums of expression are varied, moody, and always evolving. 

A Previous Long held Career in Administration was a foundation to balance finding more. 
Growing into a seasoned yoga and meditation guide, Thai yoga massage practitioner, and holistic massage plus studies and experience in our cherished Indigenous teachings, wandering the esoteric and exoteric, ancient and new age concepts of spirituality, hermetic and philosophical nature of things. 

The adventure to understand leads to one common understanding with no escape. Feeling. 

Ink Blot intuitively became a way to express and release what I felt I had to carry or hold on to while helping others or myself. 

It affords SEEING FEELING with perspective possibilities with both psyche and psychic aspects activated with awareness. The ancient art of scrying is close to me, I found relaxing and gazing to see symbols and shapes, follow lines or ignore others is a form of communication from the human and Higher Self aspects speaking in silence. 

All residing in this meat suit and mindset of here and now. 

Klecksography helps me remember to feel, free. And that is something worth adding to the Artistry of Existence

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Artist Preconscious

My name is Michael Wachter I am a welder/millwright and artist.


My art gives to me a sense of experimentation and play that is not common in my heavily measured and precise trade. I get excited creating something novel, unseen, something with the potential to move the viewer into new territory.

I am never really sure how my pieces will be perceived until they are completed and shared.


There is a great joy in hearing how others interpret the work as everyone has a unique way of looking at it.


The symmetrical nature of my current series helps the viewer personify the image as it takes on life-like qualities. I am always adding hidden meaning and symbology into my pieces as I believe mystery to be one of the greatest gifts of life.


Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey of self discovery, let me know what you see!

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Artist  Subconscious

I am a klecksography artist who enhances the aesthetic power of his own original paintings through the mean of photography.

The union between these two different media creates an outcome that highlights certain features that otherwise they would be hidden, making the photography of the artwork the final piece that stands on its own.

My aim is to broaden the people's points of view, making them embrace multiple perspectives at the same time in order to establish a temporary emphatic connection among them for feeling more close as human beings on a deep level.

Given all the psychological and social dynamics involved in the viewing of my work, the artworks gain the attention of such professionals who work with the human mind and subconscious, such as psychotherapists and criminologists, as well as art collectors.

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