Emotional Collidescope, The Introspection Deck
  • Emotional Collidescope, The Introspection Deck

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    The Introspection Deck of 90 cards is a holistic resource to help support, nurture, and improve mental wellbeing. By harnessing the power of human connections, I hope to foster a safe space to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions.


    These cards are a starting point to take a deep dive into understanding self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and compassionate listening. 


    Within this deck, there are three levels; conscious, preconscious, and subconscious. Of the three levels, three different artists lead with their unique Klecksography pieces. 


    Each card helps to evoke memories as you go through progressive sets of questions. The primary aim of the cards is to spark enlightenment, evolution, and healing - whether that be for single use, within pairs or groups of people.

    You are the cardholder, decide how you wish to engage with these versatile cards...

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    • Deck Specifications

      Deck Creator: Ruth Modoh (@emotionalcollidescope)
      Artist collaboration:

      Conscious; Stephenie Zagorski (@stephzartistry)

      Preconscious; Michael Wachter (@omniarcink)

      Subconscious; Giovanni De Benedetto (@debenedetto.giovanni)

      Deck Information: 
      - 90 cards
      - 350 gsm premium card stock
      2.75" x 4.75" (same size as Tarot cards)
      - Matte cards
      - Soft laminate finish (rose petal feel)
      - Matte gold edging
      - Gold foil stamping
      - Each card is an original and uniquely created by each of the artists listed

      Box Information:
      - Double sided instruction pamphlet
      - Matte
      - Soft laminate finish