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I have always been passionate about helping people, especially talking about emotions and the motives behind the response and reaction.  
Naturally, this lead me to study Psychology, where I obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology from Charles Darwin University, Australia.

My original idea was to create an online platform where people could talk openly about mental health topics and work through them as a group.  
I didn't get around to doing this as I didn't have the means to facilitate a workshop of that nature. So I considered creating daily affirmation cards to help people positively start their day by reframing their mindset and perspectives.

Through this process, I ended up going through the affirmations and questioned myself. 
I asked myself, where are these deep-seated beliefs coming from? 
Where does the root of this thought stem?

This pathway leads me to create the game that is here today. 
Emotional Collidescope is a card game of introspection inspired by Sigmund Freud's The Levels of Mind: Conscious, Preconscious, and Subconscious. 


The catalyst that separates these cards from other question-based games is the element where art meets psychology. 
The cards are broken down into three levels and accompanied by unique individual pieces of artwork collaborated with three artists within klecksography. 


The use of klecksography creates a visual aspect, as the game itself is open to interpretation, a notion is there are no wrong or correct answers, just answers that resurface or emerge from prompted questions. 


"Emotional Collidescope is a tool"

A resource to help guide you and the ones you experience this with through past experiences to help create clarity and better connections to the present. 
Let these cards assist in getting to know each other better, discover, emerge, illuminate and help with the healing of therapeutic conversations. 

The deck's flow of the 90 questions derives from Sigmund Freud's Three Levels of Mind: Conscious, Preconscious, and Subconscious.


The cards evoke memories and emotions through a series of progressive questions that allow you to delve as deep as you feel comfortable. 
These cards spark an emotional journey to self-enlightenment, healing, or evolution. This is a process of patience, trust, and vulnerability.


As you move through levels, you begin to feel a sense of affinity and create a safe space to explore and delve into areas previously left unspoken. 

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